Come to our Gramberry party!

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By: Shella In the past, I have talked about the wild imaginations of the children in the Elm Room. These children are great at their wonderful make-believe play. We have seen them pretend to be many things: babies, Mommy’s, Daddy’s, Princess’ etc. The kids in the Elm Room tell me sometimes that they are suddenly “on a train” or “going … Read More

What’s that in the window?

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By Mage I have observed a curious pattern happening in the Seed room over the last couple of weeks. A couple of weeks ago, I saw Sen put the close-up images of eyes along the edge of the windows in our classroom.          

Nature can take it

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By Shella Yay! Spring is slowly but surely making an appearance as we make our way into March. I am more than excited to welcome the season and (hopefully) the sunshine. The past few weeks of bearable weather have made it easy for the Elm Room kids to get out and explore. As you may already know, we sometimes have … Read More

My new hat

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by Mage This morning the children tested their theories with a little “wacky” activity. In the basement, we have an assortment of bags and purses for the children to play with. I put a bag on my head, turned to Hannah and said, “Have you seen my new hat?” Hannah looked at me and grinned. She pointed at my head and … Read More

Do you need more space?

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There has been so much growth in our classroom in terms of setting boundaries. We are seeing the children using words, and sometimes their bodies to show that they need space. You may have heard about “Sleeping Friends”, or also may have seen it in action. It’s an awesome dancing song where the children start as “sleeping” and then wake … Read More

Rose pink and sticky

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by Mage We had a bit of a festive theme with our play dough (actually, Baker’s dough) today. It was rose pink with glitter, and we had big red and pink straws and Valentine’s themed cookie cutters to use as tools. Having aesthetically beautiful classroom materials is, of course, secondary to function; however, I think children develop an appreciation of … Read More


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By Bee Last Wednesday the sprouts were busy preparing for meal time. Flip was frustrated with her chair and began to cry. “Help. Help Flip” I turned to Luca and signed, “You said you want to help Flip?” Hannah verbally responded to the question I signed to Luca, “Flip cry.” Luca walked over to the closet purposefully and reached into … Read More

“Oishi!!” (Yummy)

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By Mage Earlier this week in the Seed class, Sen has taught us a new way to talk about our food in Japanese. He puts an index finger to his cheek and says, “Oishi!” which translates to yummy or tastes good in English. It has become a hit in our room. There’s Sen with a double “Oishi!”