Big Truck!

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By Bee The Sprouts were on a walk this morning when they spotted a semi. Luca: Big truck! Whoa! Renardo: Hi! Bee: You see that big truck stopped in the road?

Developing Friendships

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by Monica Getting to know the Elm Room children over the past couple of weeks, I have noticed they are undergoing some important shifts in their socioemotional development! Established patterns of interaction like parallel play and imitation are still clearly visible as new, sophisticated ways of relating and playing together are taking shape.  

Music videos and dancing

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by Mage Recently, Bee and I have been having short periods of shared screen time with the children, in which we watch music videos and talk about music and dancing. This started one day when Bee was looking up a folk song about a hammer, and I commented that we should listen to MC Hammer. We played MC Hammer’s U … Read More


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By Bee Over the past few weeks I have often found Flip standing at the gate to the Elm Room observing the activities that her older peers are engaged in. Many of the Seeds and Sprouts enjoy watching through the gate, especially when the Elms are singing or dancing. I’ve found myself wondering how much learning is taking place in … Read More

Which animal should live at Elm House with us?

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By Bee This morning I set up a provocation for the children that included animals, stamp pads, and paper. While watching the children engage with the materials it occurred to me that I could use this opportunity to start a discussion with the children about what kind of pet they would like to have at Elm House.

“There’s a spiders under there”

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By Mage This morning in the yard the children were examining the worms and the slugs underneath the stumps. After we had exhumed all the creatures from under one of the stumps, Emil had a thought about the stump he was standing on.

Good stewards of Earth

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By Mage In a previous post, I mentioned that the rain was bringing out the worms, and the children had become curious about that. This curiosity about worms has not gone away, actually the children check in with the worms in our yard every day. They ask us to flip over a stump, and they look for the worms who … Read More

Nice to see you, friend.

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By Bee As I continue my reflections on love and friendships between toddlers, I find myself constantly blown away by the depth and complexity of their relationships. I wanted to share with you these photos of Hannah and Luca’s reunion after two weeks apart from one another. All of these interactions were self initiated by the children. When I look … Read More

Stop. Observe. Reflect. Bask.

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By Bee I made a note on February 9th that reads, “Luca fell on climber. Bee signs, ‘Are you okay?’ Luca verbally responds, ‘Ok!’ and smiles.” I remember the moment I jotted that note down vividly;¬†this simple exchange was a huge step in self regulation for Luca, who up until this point, was likely to become very upset by stumbling. … Read More

“And it was a beautiful butterfly!!!”

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By Shella We have been talking about Spring and weather changes here and there in the Elm Room. The kids are extremely interested in the beautiful flowers blooming all over the front and backyard, including the Magnolia tree. Daylight savings also happened, and this morning when I mentioned that it would be lighter, later, the kids were interested. I explained, … Read More