A Tradition of Body Painting

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by Mage Recently, the Elm House staff was dreaming up our plans for the future layout of EH. We talked about the studio, and how we might move it to a different location, and this opened up the topic of painting. Sarah Lu mentioned that she was so enchanted by the full-body painting that the younger children took part in … Read More

Create Culture

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By Bee A couple of weeks ago I was standing in the sun in the backyard when I heard Emil cry out, “A pea! A pea! I found a pea, Bee!” At this point our peas had begun to thin, and finding a pea was an occasion worth celebrating. Emil rushed over to show me his harvest. “Wow,” I exclaimed, … Read More

Sounds far and near

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by Mage As we begin (or continue) this journey of getting to know your children, they have shown us a fascination with sounds. This was particularly obvious with Nina, who will stop whatever she is doing and point up when she hears an airplane or a bird. So this morning as I thought about what the Seeds might want to … Read More

The Little Things

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By Bee There has been a LOT of transition over here at Elm House lately! We have added new Seeds and a Sprout, and the Sprouts and Elms are together for most of the day. Megan is out for a couple weeks, and we have had a number of subs helping us fill in the gaps. As we take time … Read More

Goodbye Blues

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by Mage Some of the new families have been asking me about goodbyes, what to expect, and the best way to do them.

Our Animal Friends

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By Bee Today I would like to update you on several of our animal friends! If our blog has seemed animal-heavy lately, it is because the children have been intensely focused on this particular project work. We are delighted that the children continue to deepen their studies of the animals around them as they bond with the creatures in our … Read More

Trigger is lost

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by Mage On her way to Elm House this morning, Bee ran into a couple who were looking for their dog, Trigger. They gave her a flier with contact information, and Bee brought it in for us. We decided that we should go look for Trigger on our walk today. So during morning snack, we showed the children the flier … Read More

What do you think Norman will do today?

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By Bee Norman the hedgehog has been with us at school this week. The children have been overjoyed by his presence and he is often the topic of discussion. During circle time this morning while Norman was visiting with the children, I asked them, “What do you think Norman will do today?” Here are a few of their responses: He is … Read More

Where’s Delilah?

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by Mage If you keep up with our Instagram, you might recall that earlier this week we met an elderly cat named Delilah while we were strolling through our neighborhood. Today we decided to go back to Delilah’s house and see if she would visit with us again. We talked about Delilah on our way over. When we got to … Read More

Pony Posse

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By Bee A combination of growing locks and late spring heat have inspired the Seeds and Sprouts to take interest in something new, ponies! I’m talking about ponytails of course, although I must admit the children seem to vastly prefer pigtails, which they call “two ponies”