Trigger is lost

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by Mage On her way to Elm House this morning, Bee ran into a couple who were looking for their dog, Trigger. They gave her a flier with contact information, and Bee brought it in for us. We decided that we should go look for Trigger on our walk today. So during morning snack, we showed the children the flier … Read More

What do you think Norman will do today?

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By Bee Norman the hedgehog has been with us at school this week. The children have been overjoyed by his presence and he is often the topic of discussion. During circle time this morning while Norman was visiting with the children, I asked them, “What do you think Norman will do today?” Here are a few of their responses: He is … Read More

Where’s Delilah?

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by Mage If you keep up with our Instagram, you might recall that earlier this week we met an elderly cat named Delilah while we were strolling through our neighborhood. Today we decided to go back to Delilah’s house and see if she would visit with us again. We talked about Delilah on our way over. When we got to … Read More

Pony Posse

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By Bee A combination of growing locks and late spring heat have inspired the Seeds and Sprouts to take interest in something new, ponies! I’m talking about ponytails of course, although I must admit the children seem to vastly prefer pigtails, which they call “two ponies”  

Our new pets

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by Mage You may or may not have heard us discussing the possibility of getting a pet at Elm House. You may or may not have heard us mention that we acquired new pets at Elm House on Thursday this week. So what did we get?

“The baby has a nose. You do too!”

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by Mage This morning we were surprised with a new set of anatomically correct baby dolls! Mada (Lainy’s daughter) brought them down to the basement for us, and the children were so delighted! Bee showed the children how to change the diapers. Henry wanted to play with a baby and Mada. Mada: The baby has a nose. You do too! [Touches … Read More


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by Mage A few months ago I laminated some close-up images of the childrens’ eyes. Not much came up that at first, since I had displayed them in such a way that encouraged flinging them in the air more than examining the images. I put them away in the closet for later, but I had missed a couple and they … Read More


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By Bee What is empathetic emotional support like amongst one year old children? It’s a hand (or two) to hold, when you’re away from home and missing your family. <3

Emergent Literacy Skills in the Elm Room

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by Monica Elm Room children are interested in and ready to explore aspects of literacy! Some of the ways young children prepare for reading and writing are by building their verbal language skills by talking with adults, listening to stories, and singing songs–the kids have been engaged in this work their whole lives 🙂 In the Elm Room we have … Read More


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By Bee Yesterday, Ceci had a bit of a snafu with a table and injured her toe. I came back from my break just in time to see Lainy applying an ice pack. Ceci was understandably upset and was telling her friends (who were gathering close to watch Lainy’s ministrations) that she wanted a lot of space around her body. After … Read More