Thank You

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By Bee Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. For everything.Thank you for sharing the most precious thing in your entire world with us, our lives wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t. Thank you for trusting us, your children feel it. Thank you for acknowledging the feelings of the children.¬†Accepting their feelings in the moment without trying to … Read More

Exploring Our Imaginations!!!

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By Shella My oh my, how the Elm Room has changed since I first stepped into my classroom three months ago! We have added a few new faces, tested some boundaries and learned so many things about one another. A recent development in our classroom has been the use of such great imagination. In the past, the children have acted … Read More

Elm House Meals

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by Mage Some of the parents have been asking what meals look like at Elm House, and what they should be doing at home. Today I’m going to give you a glimpse into what we do during meals at Elm House.

Shake, rattle and roll

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By Mage Today at Elm House, there was a special treat. MUSIC! Josh and Shohei arrived at 10 to share songs with us and let us play around with their instruments.

If You Notice it….

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By Bee You’re with your child. You see something has their attention. This requires no special training. No magical moments. Usually it isn’t what you would expect. Often, it may seem rather mundane to us. We are likely to dismiss these little “attention snags” and direct our child’s focus to something we think will hold their attention more tightly.

Up, Up!

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By Mage There are many exciting places that we go on our walks, and one of those places happens to be an area set aside by our neighbors, for the community to gather. Here is a photo of the space from our first visit, in October. While appearing simple to our adult eyes, this area presents obstacles which are a … Read More

“Nature can be inside, too.”

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By Shella Hello Elm families! With a wild week ahead of us, I bring to you a short and sweet blog post! This week we were lucky enough to inherit some fun tree stumps and two awesome tires for our backyard! The children were thrilled, needless to say. And so was I! New materials are always a positive, especially when … Read More

Go With The Flow

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By Bee Imagine yourself sitting in a room. You have lovingly arranged an engaging activity for your child at the table. You put time and effort into this and you know your child is going to be delighted. You let your child into the room and they breeze right on by. That’s okay…they just didn’t notice it right? You show … Read More

Light and shadows on the wall

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By Mage Picking up on our studies of light, the children have now had two opportunities to explore the light projector. I’ll share some of what I saw occur during each session. Session 1: What is this thing? The children had their first exposure to the light projector. They were curious about the mechanics: what are the parts, where does … Read More

Explore, GALORE!

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By: Shella This week we were so excited to see that our walking rope arrived for the Elm Room kids to use to take longer walks. I will admit, we have some “runners” (as I like to call them) in the Elm Room. Often time, I have found it difficult to completely let go on our little ventures around the … Read More