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by Mage In the Seed room, we have a long-handled broom in the corner of the closet, which I have never used (I prefer a short-handle). One day, one of the children found the broom, and began using it to sweep up the classroom.Now the children take turns playing with the broom all day.

Norman’s Bath

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  By Megan As many of you know we care for Norman, the hedgehog, here at Elm House. Though nocturnal, Norman will come out to say hello and spend some time with the children on a regular basis. The children are always delighted to see him and practice a special type of patience and respect when he visits us in … Read More

Hops Harvest!

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By Bee Today at Elm House we harvested our hops! I will be taking some hops home to dehydrate them, and then bringing them back so that the children can work with them. Based on feedback from the children, our studio will be morphing into a kitchen area for the time being. The children have been spending hours in the … Read More

Connect through crying

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by Mage What is your gut reaction when you hear a young child crying? Do you want the child to stop crying? What about when a child cries at length? Do you feel yourself panicking, and search for ways to distract the child, putting toys in their lap, making funny faces, or maybe even coming back into the room when … Read More

Children As Collaborators

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By Megan At Elm House we involve, invite and encourage the children to collaborate with us in their learning and understanding of the world. Observing children, truly listening and aiming to answer their questions in ways that they can understand is a large part of our work and what is essential for our emergent curriculum. We view learning as a … Read More

Risky Play

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By Bee Hello Families! Happy First Day of School! I wanted to take the time to touch base with you on something that we didn’t get to cover at last week’s orientation. I would like to talk to you about risk, and how see risk here at Elm House. I will start by showing you two images taken at Elm … Read More

Last Day Lemonade

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by Mage For our last day of school, we decided that we wanted to shake things up a bit and do something different. I brought in my electric citrus juicer and some lemons, and we made a little bit of raspberry lemonade (no sugar!) for the children to taste. So after our morning snack, the children who were interested in … Read More

Friends Grow Up, by Megan

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This week at Elm House we have been saying  our goodbye’s to some of our older friends. For the past couple of weeks we have been preparing the children for these changes through conversations, stories and a handmade book called Friends Grow Up, written by Bee. When I see the extra tight hugs and well wishes from the children at … Read More

Candid Conversations

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By Bee Hello Elm House families! My offering for you today is a little bit different. I have learned over the past year that I am very fond of photo documentation. I have also learned that I like to share ALL my thoughts on any given subject, which leaves you guys reading blogs that are 1500 words long. Today, I … Read More

Our assistant, Courtney

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by Mage Some of you may have already met our assistant, Courtney, while others have not seen her because she arrives around 8:30 every day. Courtney began working at Elm House in July, and she is here full time. Not only does she cook our meals and clean the house, she also spends a great deal of time taking care … Read More