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By Bee What is empathetic emotional support like amongst one year old children? It’s a hand (or two) to hold, when you’re away from home and missing your family. <3

Emergent Literacy Skills in the Elm Room

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by Monica Elm Room children are interested in and ready to explore aspects of literacy! Some of the ways young children prepare for reading and writing are by building their verbal language skills by talking with adults, listening to stories, and singing songs–the kids have been engaged in this work their whole lives 🙂 In the Elm Room we have … Read More


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By Bee Yesterday, Ceci had a bit of a snafu with a table and injured her toe. I came back from my break just in time to see Lainy applying an ice pack. Ceci was understandably upset and was telling her friends (who were gathering close to watch Lainy’s ministrations) that she wanted a lot of space around her body. After … Read More

That plant is a baby?

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by Mage The nasturtium seeds have sprouted, and all of the toddlers are becoming very curious about our new plants! Recently, I have seen the children wanting to interact with the plants, as they bring toys over to the planter box, and reach down into the wire to touch the plants with their fingers. The other day, I saw Emil … Read More

I want to use that.

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By Bee Yesterday afternoon I was sitting outside with my Elm Room friends. Emil and Ceci were working next to one another in the sandbox. Emil was filling the back of a dump truck with sand. The following conversation ensued: Ceci: I want to use that. Bee: It looks like Emil is using that. Ceci: Emil. Emil! Can I wait? … Read More

Working with Scissors

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by Monica In the Elm Room we spent some time working with scissors in the studio last Wednesday. Three children at a time sat at the table in the studio with me and used child sized scissors to cut up scrap paper.

The camera

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by Mage At Elm House, we typically use our phones to take photos of the children. We do have a very nice Canon powershot, but sadly it doesn’t make the rounds very often. Today after our walk, I thought I would bring it out for a few minutes, since we decided to play in the Elm room which was a … Read More

Big Truck!

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By Bee The Sprouts were on a walk this morning when they spotted a semi. Luca: Big truck! Whoa! Renardo: Hi! Bee: You see that big truck stopped in the road?

Developing Friendships

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by Monica Getting to know the Elm Room children over the past couple of weeks, I have noticed they are undergoing some important shifts in their socioemotional development! Established patterns of interaction like parallel play and imitation are still clearly visible as new, sophisticated ways of relating and playing together are taking shape.  

Music videos and dancing

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by Mage Recently, Bee and I have been having short periods of shared screen time with the children, in which we watch music videos and talk about music and dancing. This started one day when Bee was looking up a folk song about a hammer, and I commented that we should listen to MC Hammer. We played MC Hammer’s U … Read More