Quiet Leaders

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By Bee Working with children has truly taught me that there are ALL types of people in this world, and that many of us experience different phases of being. While reflecting at a recent staff meeting we talked about our tendency to capture the thoughts and actions of what I will refer to as loud leaders for the purpose of … Read More

1, 2, 3 For You & Me!

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As new staff at Elm House, we are asked to read a wonderful book entitled “1, 2, 3… The Toddlers Years: A Practical Guide for Parents & Caregivers” by Irene Van der Zande with Santa Cruz Toddler Care Center staff.  I have read a few texts on development, first while obtaining my bachelor’s psychology degree and then as a nanny … Read More


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By: I(ternity) Balance is one of the themes we’re exploring this year after noticing many childrens interest in physical balance practice. We have been observing balance in both a physical and emotional capacity. Observing the children physically cross a balance beam with chairs and stools balanced atop the beam makes me extremely nervous! To cope with that feeling and to … Read More

Anti Bias At This Age

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By Bee We sat cross legged, gathered around the lap top. Mage asked if anyone had any questions. A voice spoke out into our collective silence. “How do you weave in Anti-Bias teaching? What does that look like for this age?” What a profound wondering for Laura to share with us. I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. My gut … Read More

Your Child is in the Photos

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by Mage There have been messages from a few families lately, expressing confusion over why they have received photos that do not include their child, specifically. At Elm House, we have many different ways of documenting the learning that is happening at our school. This includes the blog, photographs and other documents showing the process of project work on the … Read More


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By Bee Empathy is something that we all want our children to have. I believe that we are born empathetic, ready and willing to connect with the experiences and emotions of those around us. When I research it online I find a wide range of ages for when we should expect to see empathy arise in toddlers, although the popular … Read More

Ouch! That Hurt!

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Joey K. Voxnaes Everyday toddlers are exploring the world around them and finding limits — where their body ends and another body begins, how loud they can yell versus how loud their friends can yell or cry, and at what point they need to establish their own boundaries.  Adults often find it easier to call out a warning or demand … Read More

Two Minutes, Please!

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By Bee Hello Families! It has been a busy couple of weeks with school starting, and we wanted to take some time to share one of our most valuable tools here at Elm House: *Two Minutes* Some of you are nodding your head knowingly, “Ah, yes…two minutes!” Some of you are probably a little puzzled, “….what???” And a couple of … Read More