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Growing up

by Megan

Well, we can’t believe it, but it’s the end of August already. It’s that especially sentimental time of the year where we say our goodbye’s to many of the children, as they move up to preschool. We look back on our time with your children fondly, and wish you all the best in your new adventures! We will resume school on September 5th, with new friends to meet <3

We also want to take a moment to say goodbye to a very special adult at our school, Lainy. Lainy has been an outstanding person to work with and is so dedicated to her work with children. Her warmth, her music and her knowledge about RIE, among other amazing teaching skills, will truly be missed. We wish you all the happiness in your new adventure being a teacher at M’s (her daughters) school. We also want to thank M, for coming to play so often. The children absolutely loved their time with you.

Here are some photo’s to help us remember an amazing school year.

We thank all of the families for their love, their trust and support, and most of all for sharing your amazing children with us <3







Zenger Farm Fieldtrip

by Megan

This summer we wanted to try something new and take the children and their parents on an outing. Zenger Farm, a urban farm that’s within a couple of miles of Elm House welcomed our group of families. With all of the garden enhancement work that we have done at Elm House over the last year, we wanted to have a culminating experience for the children, and what better place to do that than an actual working and educational farm! We had such a beautiful morning there, and hope to make field trips a couple of times a year part of our curriculum planning.

Zenger farm had such wonderful guides that made our field trip so much fun and extremely informative. Thank you to Laura and Chris for the wonderful tour and information. To learn more about this amazing part of our SE Portland community click here. 

                                  Here are some photos of our time at the farm. We gathered fruit from the orchard for fruit tasting. We fed the plants with farm-made compost. And learned new songs from Laura and Chris. If you all have any more photos to pass along please feel free to email me!

Revisiting Rowan Berries

by Mage

The tree with the orange berries in the farthest left corner of our backyard is called a rowan tree. The berries do not look edible, but they are. They are very astringent, and medicinal. Last year many of the children tasted the berries, and found that they weren’t tasty. They continued to try them regularly for some time, and also used them for other activites, especially berry smashing. Earlier this week, a few of the children asked me about the berries…

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Beans and Hummus too

by Megan

Food has got to be one of my favorite things to think about and I love sharing food related experiences with the children. Recently I ate some of  the best hummus of my life at a new Israeli restaurant (ask me where if you’re curious), and I am on a quest to recreate it with the children. We have made it before and they really enjoyed both the experience of preparing it and eating it! The first time we made it I realized we didn’t do much to prepare them for the experience. Continue reading

Creative use of chairs

by Mage

A little over a month ago, Megan and I bought a set of chairs and a table for the children to use in the backyard. Since the chairs are plastic and a bit unstable, we made an agreement that the chairs are for sitting on only (not for standing on or jumping from). After testing it out themselves, the children now understand why we have the agreement, and so it’s rare that I see them attempt to stand on the chairs these days.

But they also don’t necessarily use the chairs for sitting. Continue reading