Light and Color Play

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By Laurie Last week my afternoon group noticed that we have been staying inside sometimes after nap instead of our usual routine of going outside. Now that the sun sets earlier, our last group of children who wake up from nap don’t have time to make it outdoors. The shift in routine has given us an opportunity to explore our … Read More

Mask Making

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By Nora As many of you know we have been working on making masks out of recycled materials for the past few weeks. Projects like these remind me of the importance of process over product. The process has been long because almost everyone is interested in participating and it involves multiple stages of things drying. Many children decided to paint … Read More

Tulip Tree Tea Time

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By Amber A couple years ago we had a group of children who were very interested in tea. I brought in a bunch of very fragile china tea cups to share with the children. I bought them second hand at goodwill for around .50 a piece. I bought the fanciest and  most elegant looking cups I could find. I laughed … Read More

Putting the garden to bed

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By Nora As you may have noticed our garden has undergone some changes in the past few weeks in an effort to improve the health our soil for spring planting. For now, the garden is resting for the winter but there is still plenty of activity happening underneath the frost blanket! Here are some of the steps we have taken … Read More

Body painting, v.2017

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by Mage Body painting has become something of a tradition at Elm House for the youngest children. I offer this activity to all of the youngest children, and to some of the older children if they have interest. I usually make the children’s first paint experience at school one that involves their whole body. That means clothes come off, butcher … Read More

Rain Won’t Stop Us

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by Megan Rain is coming down, Rain is coming down.  Do you hear the sound? Do you hear the sound?  Does it drip, drip, drip? Or does it pound, pound, pound?  This simple, yet amazing song presented to us by Heidi, our music specialist has replaced most of our other rain songs. Rain, rain go away-is just not a possibility … Read More

November Birthdays!

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by Katee This month we have celebrated 2 friends turning 4!  CL had a birthday on the 4th (her golden birthday!) and AA turned 4 today! Here’s a glimpse of their sweet little classroom celebrations: CL brought a special stuffed animal to share named ‘Rudolph’.  She told us the story of her birth, detailing that dad caught her and got … Read More

Have you filled a bucket today?

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by Alisha Today we read a book at circle called, Have You Filled a Bucket Today?  The book talks about how everyone in the world has an invisible bucket. When our buckets are full, we are happy. When our buckets are empty we are sad. We heard different ways we could fill someones bucket up and also some things that … Read More

Conferences are coming up!

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By Amber Hello families! Just a reminder that conference time is approaching! Teachers will be creating narratives for each child to present to parents in the upcoming weeks. We are compiling a slideshow of all your childs pictures, copying down notes, quotes, and observations of each child and then arranging all this information into a presentation! This means that the … Read More

Playing Dangerously

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by Katee I have been in bed much of this week, nursing a cold, reading, and maybe eating some Halloween candy.  I read an article that I wanted to share with everyone about risky play and ‘Adventure Playgrounds’.  The article by Hanna Rosin at The Atlantic is titled , The Overprotected Kid. Well the article is quite lengthy and I … Read More