Taking Care of Each Other

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by Alisha The past couple of weeks we have been talking about the importance of taking care of each other at our school. I had a small group appointment last week with a group of children to make a book about ways to take care of each other at school. Some children acted out stories about taking care of each other … Read More

Try new foods, but keep the old

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  “I don’t like that”… “Have you tried it?”… “Nope”. This is an exchange I have with many children at the start of lunch nearly every day. Perhaps the oranges aren’t peeled and thus look like an unidentifiable fruit, or the eggs are cooked in a different form and don’t look like eggs at all, or maybe the cornbread has not … Read More

When We Learn

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By Bee This past week your children reminded of me of something important, something that I had forgotten, and something that I wanted to share with all of you. Your children reminded me when they learn. (Spoiler Alert: it’s ALWAYS) Now that you know how the story ends, I’m going to take you back to the beginning, a la Quentin … Read More

August/September Birthdays!

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by Alisha So far this year we have already celebrated 3 birthdays! One child turned 3, one child turned 4 and one child turned 5! LD’s 3rd birthday was on September 2nd. We were joined by his mom, Kendelle and his dad, Mikey. LD brought his special dinosaur mask and it was very impressive. It looked very real. Kendelle told … Read More

the kindness chain

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by: Katee To further our connections with taking care of each other at Tulip Tree Preschool, we started a kindness chain. The chain is made of little strips of paper, each one with a special act of kindness written on it. When one of the children witnesses an act of kindness and caring for another friend at school, they can … Read More


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by Mage In the Seed room, we have a long-handled broom in the corner of the closet, which I have never used (I prefer a short-handle). One day, one of the children found the broom, and began using it to sweep up the classroom.Now the children take turns playing with the broom all day.

Light of Mine

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by Alisha This morning we sat down at what we thought would be a song circle. Katee had been planning on singing This Little Light of Mine with the children. Quickly it turned into our longest circle yet. At  Katee’s mention of light, conversation exploded. There were so many different ideas about light. Katee: We have playing with light a lot lately. … Read More

Norman’s Bath

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  By Megan As many of you know we care for Norman, the hedgehog, here at Elm House. Though nocturnal, Norman will come out to say hello and spend some time with the children on a regular basis. The children are always delighted to see him and practice a special type of patience and respect when he visits us in … Read More

Hops Harvest!

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By Bee Today at Elm House we harvested our hops! I will be taking some hops home to dehydrate them, and then bringing them back so that the children can work with them. Based on feedback from the children, our studio will be morphing into a kitchen area for the time being. The children have been spending hours in the … Read More