Okay To Love and Be Loved

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by Sarah Lu There have been seventy-four (74) School Shootings since Sandy Hook. Boys cry.  Boys get hurt.  Boys are tender.  Boys are people. Boys are our babies. Our brothers. Our daddies, our grampies. Our teachers, our friends. Our uncles and our neighbors. My boy lately has been wanting to snuggle up and be a baby, perhaps because he is … Read More

5 Trips Around The Sun

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by Alisha This morning Stephanie, EZ’s mama, joined us for EZ’s birthday celebration. They showed us many photographs of EZ when he was a baby. We even got to see a photo of EZ when he was only one minute old. Stephanie explained that the day EZ was born was kind of like EZ himself– busy and full of activity. She … Read More

Pirates to Pedicures

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by Alisha This morning we spend the majority of our time in the commons enjoying the beautiful weather and each other’s company. Including but not limited to: Cracking each other up with bad guy faces, laughing a lot because we are all really hilarious, feeding the chickens,

Dear AO:

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by Sarah Lu When we build something, it takes time. A large part of the Reggio and Constructivist philosophy is based on the notion that learning and life take time. I was really proud of this little guy in the middle today. AO has had a harder time this year trusting in us, the other children, and our rhythms and … Read More

Looking Closely

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By Laura Over the last couple of weeks we have given each graduate an opportunity to draw a final self-portrait. This week we are working with the other preschoolers to draw theirs. Sarah Lu had an appointment in the studio to work on these with four of our youngest students. Can you guess who?

And Nibbled All the Trees

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By Laura During a story appointment today, LRK decided, “I’m going to find a story in the dress-ups and I’ll include  AH’s characters when she dresses up in my story.” With no less than eight costume changes she told the following story: LRK was walking along and she found a fox. And then a wolf came. And then the bear. … Read More

Danced Into the World

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By Laura On Friday, along with her parents Christin and Ajai, we celebrated the third birthday of MH. MH brought in her special doll Lucy, whom she has had since she was a baby to show to her friends. She also showed us some pictures of herself as a baby with her cat, Dim Sum. Christin and Ajai adopted Dim … Read More