We Are Thankful For…

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by Alisha What does ‘thankful’ mean? FA: Nice. And very nice. It means you give people stuff Teacher: We can be thankful for people or places or things in our life that make us happy. What are you thankful for? Alisha: Warm clothes. AdR: For all of the life. EH: I’m thankful that queens do not die. SS: My mom. … Read More

Station 25

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by Sarah Lu Today we ventured out onto the streets, into the world, beyond the gates of Tulip Tree Preschool. This is the first time we have all left together this year, to someplace different than our neighborhood park. It felt exciting to be leaving the school and going to visit firefighters who already came to see us earlier in … Read More

Kid Cabin

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by Alisha AdR: How ’bout we kids have our own cabin!? OW: Yeah, and we are a family! MH: Yeah!  


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by Alisha Laura had an appointment to create self portraits with some of the younger children. Along with them was FA, ME and EH, who were the appointment helpers. The role of the “helper”  was to help the younger children with the hot glue, finding beads, etc.  When Laura explained to the helpers what they would be doing, many of … Read More


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I feel so very lucky to work in an environment that supports relationships, love, and growth. I love coming to work each day, and being part of the amazing ways that young children learn- playing, experimenting, feeling.