Shoes, Ananzi, and the Baby Goose

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By Laura Today at circle, Cheryl led a new game about Taking Care of Our Things. We  had a visitor today! Annie, Tycho’s mom, brought three special books from library to read aloud. She read about fireboats, sunflowers and Ananzi the spider. And she even stayed for a few rounds of freeze dance after the stories were finished. Finally, before … Read More

Book Repair

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By Laura This week we have begun to talk about taking care of our things and today we focused on the books in our classroom. There are many ways we take care of our books–cleaning them up off the floor and returning them to book baskets, turning the pages carefully while we read them, and taking turns looking at them … Read More

Willa’s Stories

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4/6/12 Insect flew through the town of Alden. 11/9/11 My car didn’t have anyone on it and when I pushed it off it didn’t catch on fire. A different house caught on fire. It was a modern house. It was a different house. 7/27/11 I was on a boat and there was fire on it. So I pushed off. It … Read More

Jadon’s Stories

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1/30/12 Once upon a time there was an owl and a tiger. And the tiger ate the owl. Then the owl tried to hit the tiger inside of its belly. Then they heard, “Rowr!” Then they heard, “Pig!” 12/9/11 There were two dragons there that were mean. And then they put fire on the trees, on all of them. And … Read More

My Turn, Your Turn

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by Cheryl Continuing our ‘Caring for Others’ theme, Laura set up a supportive activity early today – a ‘my turn, your turn’ table.  The idea was that two people would build a small block structure together, in an alternating fashion, each saying “My turn”, then “your turn”.  This game interested many of the children as they entered the classroom this … Read More

Anna’s Stories

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8/8/12 And then they goes back home. They goed back to the playground. And they played on teh playground. And then they both falled. They get a bandaid. And that is the end. 7/26/12 Once upon a time there was a little goat named Goat. She went on a walk and he found a playground. He played on the playground. … Read More

Linny’s Stories

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5/2/13 Once upon a time there was a ladybug who flew round and round. The End 3/22/13 Once upon a time there was a little fairy. And every day she would go out and fly and pick daffodils and bring them back and rip the petals off for daffodil soup. And raindrops for broth. And with the raindrops she crushed … Read More

Tycho’s Stories

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7/26/12 Once upon a time there was a girl. And then there was a castle. And then it exploded And then there was a big booly-bob that shot in Laura’s eye. And then she died. And then a feather blew right over in here. And their put an “x” now. 4/11/12 Once upon a time there was a firefighter in … Read More

Lois’ Stories

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2/6/12 My mom and my dad and my brother we saw a monster and we ran inside the house. And I saw some eyes when I was playing outside. They were like this big, like really big. And it was just my fox. I just have to wrap your snow up. I just did. Open your present. I”m gonna put … Read More